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03 Aug 2001 Time: 07:25:41 From: CG

I am looking for somewhere I can go and enjoy a nude walk in the woods once in a while.

I don't think the MetroParks system smiles on such things, so I was wondering if anyone could recommend any out-of-the-way woodlands or smaller parks that are open to clothing-optional hikers?

Thanks, CG

03 Aug 2001 Time: 09:09:34 From:

When I had a car I used to go to the Cuyahoga Valley, just south of the mill on Canal

Road where there's a little place to pull over and park to walk the trail or whatever. If you go just a little ways south of the pullover, you can climb down a bit and get over to the Cuyahoga River where there's a little 'beach'. I used to go there and hang out all day. Occasionally people come down there to fish or something, but it's pretty rare and they don't usually go as far as the little beach area.

Other than that, I wish there was a section of Edgewater we could use for a clothing optional area.

02 Jul 2003 Time: 20:48:47 From: john

I go to a lake that is on rt 305 in nelson twp. It is on the corner of 305 and nelson ledges rd. It is very private and there is usually no one else there accept for an occasional fisherman and they never care if you swim nude. I have seen others skinny dipping there but you should only swim on the south western side near the road. The road is up above a cliff so traffic cant see you. I park my car on a side street just before the lake and no one ever messes with it. I then cross 305 and sneak in a little grassy and hilly path to the lake. The lake is very clean and is spring fed. Hope to see other nudists there, I am usually there between 4 and 6 in the afternoon. Would like to see more women there.

18 Aug 2003 Time: 11:57:18 From: The Kansa's

We are happy to report, that headlands beach in Fairport Harbor, honors the topless law in Ohio. We spent this past weekend there flying kites and enjoying the surf without a hassle from anyone. We were at the west end of the beach and Mary enjoyed the whole day without her top. Matter of fact there was a couple other ladies that were there enjoying the same.

21 Aug 2003 Time: 18:47:01 From: Ray

How can we make it possible to get a nude beach somewhere close to Cleveland or can there be a week or two set a side for such an activity?

21 Aug 2003 Time: 22:56:16 From: Webmaster

That would be wonderful, but not easy. One way would be to find some private landowner willing to allow it. The other way is to have a part of an existing beach set aside as clothing optional. That would take a lot of lobbying to persuade the state or other government agency. One problem is the way the laws are written in Ohio, they are vague, but could be interpreted as making it illegal to be nude in a public place. They need to be changed.

15 Sep 2003 Time: 16:00:01 From: Scott

I enjoy nudism but would like to find somewhere with other nudists that doesn't cost an arm or leg to visit. Does anyone know a place to visit?

16 Sep 2003 Time: 21:04:35 From: Mike

I have caught the bug! I too am looking for nudist club to join in the Stark county area. Any info would be a help.

17 Sep 2003 Time: 17:11:23 From: Webmaster

I don't know how much your arms and legs cost, but reckon ground fees to visit a resort or landed club will cost around $20 for a visit. Some clubs restrict access to couples, so bring along a friend of the opposite sex. A travel club like ours is the least expensive way to go, with many events costing less than $10 to members and some are even free. The nearest clubs to Stark county are ours, Green Valley and White Thorn Lodge. Check for info.

19 Sep 2003 Time: 09:25:32 From: Mike

Thanks for the info. My job makes it hard to do things on the weekend. Looking for things to do during the week.

10 April 2004 Time: 15:50:00 From: Babal

How can we make it possible to get a nude beach somewhere close to Cleveland and how can I find a partner to have company, I am 28 M Single.

11 Apr 2004 Time: 22:36:14 From: Webmaster

Hi Babal, We would all love to have a clothing optional beach, but the present laws and political climate makes it very difficult.

Finding a partner to join you in nude recreation is a lot easier. Because nudist activities are non-sexual and non-threatening your only obstacle is to overcome negative cultural attitudes. Your best bet is to arm yourself with as much information as you can. Check out to learn about your wide range of options. Look at for a women's perspective. Good luck!

12 Apr 2004 Time: 19:32:13 From: Carol

I need to report that Headlands Beach DOES NOT honor the topless law - There are 2 Rangers, life guards, and ODNR employess that will - WILL - ticket anyone caught topless and or bottomless or both while on it's beach.

01 Jul 2004 Time: 16:05:32 From: Salsatrader

My wife and I are planning on being in the Cleveland area in a couple of weeks... are there any clothing optional areas close to downtown? I know that the present laws in Ohio prohibit nudism. We're looking for a place where the 'powers that be' would just look the other way. Thanks.

01 Jul 2004 Time: 21:46:04 From: Webmaster

The closest legal venue to downtown Cleveland is Green Valley,, about 30 minutes away. Call ahead before you visit. Unfortunately local officials in Ohio are not very enlightened and aren't likely to look the other way.

08 Sep 2004 Time: 23:18:51 From: Jeff

I had to get a pick up truck so I could drive out to places to sun tan in the nude. It provides a lot of protection if some one would drive up on a 4wheeler or dirt bike. This has only happend once. I look for far out of the way places like dirt trails next to woods or corn fields. This realy works well. I stop off at Subway and turn it into a nude picnic. This is my kind of tail gate party. I think it would be cool of I could find some more people to do this with me. I would welcome more people with pick up trucks. Pick up trucks have been good for "parking" for years, now I have found another use for them. Nude sun tanning.

21 Jan 2005 Time: 20:18:19 From: Jon

Looking for somewhere to go nude suntanning this summer, would welcome male company. I am married, so females are out of the question, sorry. I live in Medina County, if you know of a secluded place or interested in having company sunbathing send me an email

26 Jan 2005 Time: 17:21:55 From: Darinn

Jon, please write to me I need a place to sunbathe

1 Jun 2006 Time: 01:18:24 From: Loriee

looking for nudist family in the trumbull county area or someplace we can all feel comfortable been back in ohio from florida 5 years haven;t found one yet i felt right no sex no games just natural

23 Jun 2006 Time: 16:35:24 From Joe
I am a married white male looking for someone to go nude suntaining with this summer..could be female or male...just looking for a friend to attend a family oriented nudist club with during July...send me an email ( if interested from the cleveland and lorain area

16 Jul 2006 Time: 00:35:17 From: jamal

I saw a woman nude at Headlands Beach in Mentor with her photographer. The rangers descended on them in a matter of minutes and ended the session. She was off on the far east side on the pier, not even on the main beach area.

10 Aug 2006 Time: 01:06:11 From: Ric

I love being naked, would like to find others around Cleveland that were into it. Where I live at my only options are in the house. Anyone know of somewhere close that outdoor nudity is acceptable?

10 Aug 2006 Time: 10:16:31 From: Webmaster

Your best bet would be to join a club like ours, then you'll have a couple of hundred friends who think just like you

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