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25 Apr 2003 Time: 10:53:57 From: George

I grew up in the Mohican Area near Loudonville, Ohio. It has a lot of secluded areas suitable to nude use.

Also I have gone skinny-dipping on the edge of the Milan Wildlife area. If I ever get caught, I'll just tell them I'm hunting "bare". ; )

04 Jul 2003 Time: 11:26:49 From chris

I'm 25 and was wondering about joining. How private is this club?

06 Jul 2003 Time: 18:45:03 From webmaster

Our club takes reasonable measures to protect the privacy of its members. For example your name, address and phone numbers are only provided to other members with your permission. We do require a photo ID at the time of your first visit, but you never need to reveal your last name to the general membership- we all are known by our first names.

We recognize that some misguided employers, churches or social organizations may frown on nudism, so we do everything we can to protect you. Only you can decide whether this is adequate. Your boss or your next door neighbor may already have joined! This isn't too likely, since fewer than one in a thousand have discovered the pleasure and satisfaction of family oriented social nudism.

07 Jul 2003 Time: 10:48:54 From: Roy

Does anybody know if the Alpine Resort in Millersburg is still open? It is listed in my AANR directory but when I went down there I didn't see any signs indicating anything was there and it only took a few unpaved driveways that led to run down shacks before I gave up. Maybe it just isn't adverised to remain private. Has anybody been there? Email: Thanks! -Roy

07 Jul 2003 Time: 22:17:58 From: Webmaster

Alpine is a fine club and welcomes visitors. It is definitely still there. Give them a call and refresh your memory of their exact location. Get the information at

11 Jul 2003 Time: 07:33:13 From: Roy

Thanks! I was ready to rent someone's back yard to work on my tan if I had to, this would be the closest place for me and it is still 50+ miles away.

13 Jul 2003 Time: 02:17:12 From: John

My wife and I have been thinking about nude sunbathing for the first time. We have been looking for a private secluded area where we can lay out without anyone around for the first time. There was some place I had found last year in central Ohio, but lost the info. If anyone knows, I would appreciate the info. What about a nude resort or something close to what we are looking for? Do they have private areas for weekend hideaways?

13 Jul 2003 Time: 08:04:23 From: Webmaster

Nude sunbathing is a delightful experience and many of us enjoy it on a regular basis. Let me suggest two alternatives.

Since you want to be alone, seek out a secluded location in a public park and just do it! The downside is that you may run afoul of the law. Laws in Ohio are vague and subject to the interpretation of law enforcement, so there is no guarantee of safety.

The other choice is to go to a private club or commercial resort. You won't be arrested, but you won't be alone, either. As a first time visitor, you will be shown around and you may find that surrounded by naked people you will soon shed your inhibitions and your clothes. If you, or your wife are shy, I'd suggest you wrap a towel around yourself and seek out a quiet spot before disrobing and enjoying the pleasures of basking in the sun.

Locate clubs and resorts by searching If your wife is still hesitant, have her check out for a woman's perspective on nudism. Give it a try!

31 Jul 2003 Time: 05:43:18 From: Dick

Reference John's message of 13 July 03 stating the both he and his wife wanted to try it as first timers. I too was a first timer until this year and I sympathize with that. Please pass this along to him and his wife...We own a very secluded place in central ohio and they are welcome here and will have the run of the place. Please feel free to provide John and his wife my EMAIL address.

02 Aug 2003 Time: 03:29:03 From: Devin

I live in the Greater Cleveland area and am looking for a safe place to get totally naked and get tan where I won't risk getting into any trouble. I'm not looking for a place to play volleyball or do anything like that, just lay out and get a good all-over tan without having to worry about offending anyone. Any suggestions for this in the Greater Cleveland area?


19 Aug 2003 Time: 19:33:36 From: Mike

Does your spouse also have to accompany you at nude resorts or does it differ at each one? I'm thinking of joining one, my wife doesn't share my desire for sunbathing.

19 Aug 2003 Time: 22:52:03 From: Webmaster

Some clubs do have restrictions on membership in order to balance the ratio of males to females and require both partners to attend, while others (like ours) have no restrictions. Sometimes a spouse is unwilling to attend because of misconceptions of what organized nudism is all about and the belief that only people with 'perfect bodies' can enjoy nudism. Perhaps you should get some literature or a videotape from AANR, or have your wife check out our WINR pages.

22 Aug 2003 Time:08:16:11 From: Mike

Thanks for the info. Just wish I wouldn't have waited until the end of summer to do it.

10 Oct 2003 Time: 06:56:38 From: Terry

I have been a nudist for the last ten years and I like the way the sun feels on my body as I lay in my back yard to tan. I only wish I could do it year around.

17 Sep 2004 Time: 09:15:05 From: Wayne

HELP! I am not a swinger or pervert. I just want to know about places I can be free of clothes and enjoy myself. I have enjoyed the nudist resort I have gone to this summer but want to explore other places. Do you know of any?

17 Sep 2004 Time: 20:59:13 From: Webmaster

You will find plenty of friendly clubs in Ohio. The best way to find find them is from the AANR site where you will find almost a dozen places where you can enjoy being clothes free.

11 Jan 2005 Time: 17:58:20 From: Jon

Hi I am a newbie to the site, but always like to be bare. I am looking for a place to tan a'natural this summer. It can be with others or secluded, it does not matter to me. Unfortunately, my wife is not into the 'bare-all' sene like I am. If you know of a spot near Medina County, email me or catch me on yahoo messenger: physiquebuilder2004


13 Jan 2005 Time: 10:59:14 From: Webmaster

You can find your own secluded spot, but that is never without risk. The nearest club that is friendly to single men (or married men with shy wives) is White Thorn Lodge a couple of hours from you. Alternatively, you could join our club and take part in our many events.

20 Jan 2005 Time: 21:15:39 From: Sailer

I am also from Medina and am looking for somewhere to tan nude. Any input would be great.

31 Jan 2005 Time: 08:46:48 From: John & Beth

I would like to know more about this site, the people on it and to learn more about nudism in the Ohio area.....

Although I grew up in the Marietta area, I've been living in the Caribbean for the last few years and do not want to give up the enjoyment of a nudist life (at least as much as possible) as I'm returning home to Ohio.

Thanks for the info I hope to find

John & Beth

02 Mar 2005 Time: 16:52:16 From: Bald eagle

I am also from Medina, and I am having a very difficult time finding a nudist colony or club, hopefully close enough that i could go often. Does anyone know of a great place in Medina county or at least close enough that it wouldn't be too much of a hassle for me to attend? Thank you very much.

7 Aug 2006 Time: 15:41:46 From: Angus

Hi everybody! I like your forum so much. I share your point of view.

I hope we'll become friends. I'm sociable guy

17 Sep 2008 Time: 03:09:13 From: heyhey

hey im a 15 yr. old boy and i was wondering if there was an age limit on this club ive always been interested in nudism but i have no where to see what its like ny parents accept my decision but i want to go public and expierience it
18 Sep 2008 Time: 09:37:21 From Webmaster

You are welcome to attend our events or join our club. People under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and if the adult is not a parent or legal guardian, they must bring a note from the parent or guardian granting permission for the minor to attend.

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